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Become a sponsor.

Thank you for your interest in the Nebraska Valkyries. We would love the opportunity to create a unique mutually beneficial partnership withy you and your business. As a new sports team in the Lincoln/Omaha area, we look forward to establishing ourselves as a positive member of the community.



Team sponsors

We have many partnership options set, but our preference would be to meet with you and develop an evolving relationship to maximize the benefits and customization for your business needs. 

player sponsors

Each season, in order to help cover the financial burden of the team, each player must put forth a certain amount of funds out of their own pockets in order to pay all costs the team incurs. It is our desire as a team to not let the financial obligation keep any player from the opportunity to participate. Due to this desire, we are in need of player sponsors. A player sponsor may choose to cover the whole, or part of the cost to play. 

Based on the monetary amount, the Nebraska Valkyries will put forth advertising and game incentives which are custom to each partner/business. The other option is to choose from the management team developed partnership packages. The money through player sponsorship goes to the player, minus 10% and the back end cost to cover advertising /incentives.


Please reach out if you are interested in becoming a team or player sponsor and we can discuss in detail how partnering with the Valkyries can benefit your business!


As a 501(c)3 organization, a portion of the value of your sponsorship may be tax deductible

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